Online Reputation Management & Brand Development

Unlike gravity, what goes up on the Internet will never come down.  An impassioned posting from an dissatisfied customer or a disgruntled employee to one of the many complaint websites can cost you business losses you can’t even track.

The unfortunate aspect of this negative commentary is that you might have 75,000 satisfied customers and only 300 complaints (which you have done your best to resolve) and that .04% vocal faction can ruin your business.  We have even dealt with clients who have no web presence at all and they already have a negative reputation to deal with.

Make no mistake — your customers have a right to demand good service and quality products from you within reason.  No one wants to feel cheated or taken advantage of.  However, the Internet is the Great Equalizer.  All voices have the same opportunity to be heard but once a complaint goes online, it simply will never come down.

If you have experienced online complaints, you know how difficult it is to get your message delivered over the fray.  Because of the potential of stirring up the rabble-rousers who just love a good fight, you also can’t respond in the same venue as the complaint.

It’s difficult to see your character assassinated in print and not be able to tell your side of the story.  But you cannot respond anywhere except on your own turf successfully. There is a desperate aspect to some people that gives them perverse pleasure in attacking others — especially from the safe and faceless side of their computer.  Develop your reputation, don’t defend it.

However, if you are not experiencing a negative reputation, you might still have online presence problems.  No reputation online can be almost as harmful to your business as a bad reputation. If your company is online and no one is aware of it, then you need our help with brand development and protection.  We know how to get your company found and known with the right message to the right audience.

We have developed a strategy to cope with online reputation damage and/or brand development that is extremely effective.  The first step, however, is to take the first step.  If you ignore these negative commentaries just wishing they will go away, you are going to find yourself embroiled in a crisis from which you may not be able to recover.  Or if you think that one website will make you an effective competitor in your industry, you are sadly mistaken. Get to work now on developing a positive reputation online as soon as possible.  It can be done  and we can do it.