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Online presence — more than just having website, more than just having a blog. If you approach your online presence with a casual attitude, the results will be casual — and disappointing.

The purpose of a website or any other online presence is to deliver the right message to the right audience. Unless you can clearly define that message and choose to deliver that message in a way that can be heard as you feel it in your bones and your heart, you are only one of several billions of other points of presence online.

Lost in the ethers. Fogged by the cloud of every other website or point of presence.

Use this website to understand the process of message delivery, of creating the presence that defines who you are, and you’ll drift up in search engine results pages (SERP) for your keywords.

Let’s rock and roll. Enjoy the ride!


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Is Google Responsible?

Interesting article on a 40-year-old restaurant whose weekend business dropped off 75% they think due to an erroneous posting that they were not open on weekends. In fact, most of their business was due to weekend traffic. When the Google Places listing stated that the restaurant was not open on weekends, the business dropped so dramatically, that they began to lay off employees and eventually closed their doors in April 2013.

So what does this situation represent? That online representations are critical for any business. I’m not sure the restaurant owner will prevail in his lawsuit, but monitoring your business’  online presence is absolutely essential in the climate of the Internet and business today. Unfortunately for this business owner, he was not an online type of guy and he was confused when his long-established business began to fail.

I have had this concept in mind for years: if you are not online, you will probably not be in business in three years; if you are online, but do nothing to positively manage your online presence, you will probably not be in business in five years. Seems in this case my projections were off.

No business can afford to ignore their online presence. Aside from the value of online marketing, if you are not aware of what is being posted about your business and someone with negative intentions posts for you, you are basically….well, screwed.

Read more on this story about the impact of Google.


DuckDuckGo the Search Engine to Use for Privacy

This is one of the best ideas I have ever seen on the Internet. And it was the recent discovery that NSA either can or does know everything about you (so to speak) based on our digital life. The NSA scandal has ended up providing a surge of web surfers heading over to DuckDuckGo (DDG) to use their search services in place of Google, Bing and Yahoo!.

Founder, Gabriel Weinberg, began seeing traffic and usage of DDG building quickly soon after the government’s use of the Prism program was revealed. Enjoying 1.7 million searches a day,  after the Guardian report hit the news the searches increased to 3 million searches per day within two weeks.


Weinberg has taken a different approach to online privacy – one I have not seen anywhere else on the Internet: zero tracking. Zero. No tracking whatsoever. No cookies are set; no data related to the users’ IP address is stored; there are no user logins required anywhere; and the connection is encrypted by default. In other words, NSA has nothing to request/require from DDG because there is nothing to turn over about any user of their search service.

DuckDuckGo web searches

You can read the complete article The Guardian has posted on this entitled:  NSA scandal delivers record numbers of internet users to DuckDuckGo. But first, look at this graphic that shows how much privacy is on everyone’s mind.

Interestingly, prior to the NSA revelation, few people really knew about DDG – I didn’t. Fewer than 4 in 100 knew that this was a search site, let alone a safe, secure and private search site. Within days, the traffic had increased more than 50% because this is the only search site that offers zero tracking. I know I’m being redundant, but what an amazing online business model.

And – this is a good search engine. I have tried all my main keywords for my many sites and I am coming up as expected.

What does this mean for your web searches?

Instead of getting junk ads based on where you have searched before, your searches result in pure information, based on the search term, not where you are and what you have searched before. For me as an SEO specialist, Online Reputation Management expert and Web Designer, it is everything I have needed in order to do pure analysis related to my client’s needs. Because Google looks at your IP address and locale, my searches tend to come back focused on my city and not my client’s reputation or search engine results page position for their keywords.

Not only that, but every time you search for anything, your browser remembers where you were and serves up ads on sponsored sites related to your past searches. The reported for The Guardian DuckDuckGo article has some great examples and it is well worth the read.

And don’t forget the main reason the traffic has jumped on DuckDuckGo: the desire for privacy. How sweet it is.

DuckDuckGo is my new search engine of choice. Join me? Thank you Mr. Weinberg.




LinkedIn as the sure path to online presence

I have recommended social media as a necessary focus for improving a business’ online presence with a first focus on LinkedIn. Any business person with a good LinkedIn profile will find that their LinkedIn will show up #1 when their name is searched. This is a great slideshow that proves this point:

It’s a long presentation, but well worth your time – if you want to show up strongly against your competitors, focus on your LinkedIn profile and account now.

Common SEO Mistakes

Could You Be Producing These Common SEO Mistakes?

SEO can be something almost virtually anyone using a web business or blog knows about. The reasoning behind of SEO is very simple obtaining the best search engine positioning on the search engines to ensure that you receive the 1st chance at the preferred web-site visitors. As straight-forward as the reasoning is, and at the same time clear-cut as the most frequently used techniques of obtaining SEO results are, countless website and blog owners are rendering severe problems which usually cost them a large amount in energy and time.

Tag: You’re It

Tags are sometimes misunderstood, and moreover ignored entirely by beginner on-line marketers. It’s really easy to disregard the most effortless of website or blog development elements when software packages or platforms actually do the constructing for you. When it comes to a great number of conditions a website creator provides meta tags stashed within the menu bar, and individuals don’t make an effort to replace these.

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Respect Your Readers

Don’t Treat Subscribers Like Idiots

We’ve all seen those well-known how to books for “Dummies.” They are great since they streamline problems to make sometimes difficult to comprehend subjects easy to understand. When you’re pondering your sales webpages, article content and even blog posts, write to readers keeping that in mind, make ideas simple and easy to follow but don’t treat your potential customers like dummies.

The Simple Truth Wins Devotion

If you are advertising something, you want to prove to the potential client that it’s going to enable them to execute a job, make them pleased, help to make life simpler, or whatever the actual item is designed to perform. Nevertheless, the fastest way for you to erase the trust of a site, or landing page surfer is to spin large stories of impracticality. Coming on too strong, much like the proverbial used car salesperson is simply going to generate disbelief, not faith.

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How to Master Niche Marketing

Studying Your Niche

Finding a market which is popular will usually render good results with regards to sales of relevant products, however niche advertising tends to be tricky. The hardest part is grasping enough about the niche to get into the “inner circle.” You should be in the position to not simply compose knowledgeably regarding the subject, you’ll have to grasp just what the usual needs are of those that are involved in it.

If you are selling a boat navigation unit, it isn’t enough to merely target ship owners, you will need to find out what it is concerning moving around the waterways that is so tricky, along with what problems one can find to watch out for. You have to know why a course-plotting GPS is so important to boaters, and what different types there can be with regards to different types of water. The same is true for virtually any niche. Puppy owners have specific requirements, and yes it would seem that anyone who has ever owned a dog would be in-tune with the basic niche. However, that will depend a whole lot on exactly how much you talk with other puppy owners. One man’s knowledge might help, but wouldn’t be complete to the whole niche.

How to locate Market Data

The best thing to do while looking to obtain facts about niche markets is to throw oneself inside the culture of it as much as possible. Because of the Internet, that is certainly incredibly easy before. Locate a community forum, the more energetic the better, and set up an account. You do not even have to talk, even though getting involved and making connections with the other posters is a great technique to build a following.

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The Importance of Tracking ROI

Determining if the Investment is Paying Off

As in any company, once you begin advertising an item on the web, you have to pay particular attention to the net income. If a marketing and advertising plan is not doing the job, it is best to be told right away, and alter your current tactics than to let it languish and fade, costing you both money and time.

In an effort to understand the fundamentals of investment strategies of any type, you should know the way to determine ROI. ROI represents return on investment. It sounds easy enough. How much you spend for advertising v . the amount you sell. If it were really so easy no one would have a dilemma discovering if they are getting their money’s worth. ROI has a standard formula: GROSS earnings take away advertising and marketing investment, divided by that marketing and advertising expense. That would supply you with a percentage of earnings. If you created $100,000 and had to shell out $30,000 to make it then you would have a little greater than a 2% profit. Fair enough, nevertheless is that sufficient to know?

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Beginner Marketing Mistakes

Most significant Mistake Inexperienced Marketers Make with Affiliate Internet Marketing

Internet affiliate marketing is known as an online revenue creator for both newbies as well as professional entrepreneurs equally. It is relatively simple to get going with, plus it does not cost much, if any money to accomplish it. A winner in many ways. However, it’s not foolproof. Many beginning web entrepreneurs start off having thoughts of piles of cash, and grand hopes and dreams and then give up in discouragement. The issue is not really with affiliate marketing but with the strategy utilized to make use of it. There is one particular deadly mistake many startups make, they get scattered.

A lot of new internet marketers become scattered because of frustration, other folks just because they can’t select a single program to back.

The Matter connected with Desperation

The anxious starting internet marketers make an appearance in 2 alternative ways. The first set gets started thinking they have to start a lot of affiliate campaigns to get the maximum visibility. The speculation appears to be to create numerous varied campaigns and hope one hits big, or a good deal of them demonstrate a little revenue to make a single huge profit.

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Picking Your Home on the Web

How To Pick the Perfect Web Hosting Provider

Deciding on a web hosting provider can be very challenging for new web entrepreneurs. You’ll find thousands to choose from, and the competition amidst all of them is fierce. If it happen to be just a question of selecting the web hosting provider with the most affordable service, the selection would be a little simpler. Even when that may be your main condition when picking a host, you need to consider the details to determine if those prices will last, and in case they don’t exactly what the real cost is for the service once the tryout period of time is over.

Price, however isn’t the very most effective feature for selecting a web site host. It is really fine to be price sensitive, especially when starting up a business, but there are lots of additional elements of hosting which could make discount prices not such a good deal. Exactly how do you know if you are getting everything required once you pick the best price?

Is Free Of Charge Genuinely Cost-free?

The initial thing you may notice when searching for a web host is the multitude of services selling web space for your site totally free. Seems terrific, right? What i’m saying is that reduces your overhead a great deal without having to pay for a monthly, or perhaps yearly service charge for the internet based area to place all of the sales materials. Free of charge isn’t really all it’s cracked up to be, however. Especially when you are focusing on a livelihood in advertising. Free of charge makes a person seem low-budget to your readers. Free services are hard to generate clean looking landing pages on too, however even if you are hosting a store front, or affiliate weblog, it will be full of the web host’s advertisements. That’s how they get their money when they do not impose a fee for the spot.

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Provide Value While Building Your Business

Cooling the Heavy Sell

Have you ever before walked into a shop, or perhaps more presently into a car or truck dealer and promptly been surrounded by sales people seeking to force you into a choice to make a order? It can be extremely aggravating. It is just a put off. It’s tough to be in a sales enterprise of any sort. To practice it best you have to walk a fine balance somewhere between educational, serious or downright sneaky.

A recent study connected with electronic sales advertising habits and how they affect visitors called ‘The Social Break-Up’ showed how pushy sales methods appeared to be the number 1 reason folks unsubscribed to mailing lists, and / or social media accounts, and / or ‘un-liked’ pages on Facebook as well as other types of subscribed marketing communications such as RSS feeds.

The balance is somewhere between offering thoughtful, interesting details on a regular schedule, and bombarding the web with campaigns, links, outright advertising plus a barrage of crappy come-ons, and sales letters. Should you acquire authentic email subscribers, you are provided trust, and you have to work very hard in order to not destroy that confidence..

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